The San Antonio Premier Group

Property Management Services



Market Analysis:

The Premier Group will provide a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis to obtain the maximum rent for your property.


Credit and Background Approval:

The Premier Group will obtain a complete credit and background report on each tenant over the age of 18. 


We will also verify prior rental history for the past 2 years (where applicable).


Property Condition Inspection Reports:

The Premier Group will perform inspections of each property at move out dates.  


A property condition report will be completed by the tenant within 3 days of lease move in and will be archived with the property's file to assure it is in an acceptable condition at move out.


Periodic drive by inspections will be performed by The Premier Group to insure property maintenance and its landscaping per the property management agreement terms.


Periodic walk through inspections will be performed if signs of neglect is evident from drive by inspections.


Property Repairs:

The Premier Group will manage all repair requested by the owner and the tenants.


Same day emergency contractor service calls will be available if required.


A minimum of two contractor repair bids will be obtained if the repair amount exceeds $300.



The Premier Group will manage the processing and removal of tenants in violation of lease terms as soon as possible should a situation arise meriting an eviction.


Financial Statements, Payments, and Reports:

Your monthly earnings check will be mailed or electronically sent to you in a timely fashion.


You will receive an itemized monthly statement from The Premier Group regarding the collection and disbursement of rental monies, along with, descriptions of any maintenance/repair costs incurred for that month.

A repair escrow account will be created.


Property repair request must be received in writing from the tenant or landlord.


The Premier Group will provide you with a yearly financial budget report and annual 1099 tax form for your records by the end of January each year.


Management and Administration fees:

$300 Reserve Fee for emergency repairs.


The Premier Group will retain 50% of the First Full Month of rent as commission on New Leases, and 25% of the First Full Month of rent on Renewal Leases.



The Premier Group will receive 10% of the Monthly Rent for the duration of the lease term as a Management Fee.



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